The Google Pixel 2 Will Arrive Accompanied By An Economic Model

The Google Pixel 2 Will Arrive Accompanied By An Economic Model

Google left us with a good taste of mouths, half. On one hand, we have the presentation of the incredible terminal of the great G, Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. In its counterpart, we have the design that, or you like a lot, or do not like directly, but that certainly does not leave people indifferent. I also emphasize in the “bitter” part of the balance, Google’s bad predisposition to move this terminal to large Spanish-speaking countries.

Now we get the Google Pixel 2:

As in all companies and all terminals, rumors of the latest in Google, start coming. This time, we started with the rumors of Google Pixel 2, and its large version, the XL. The first information comes from a single source and the rumor that Google will not only focus on two terminals.

There will also be a third party. Google will bring improvements in the camera where it will put all its emphasis on everything referred to in the illumination of the images. Google has put between eyebrow and eyebrow the goal of overcoming the camera of Samsung and Apple.

What we cannot confirm is the use of the IP67 and IP68 certifications for the protection of their devices against water and dust, since Google is studying whether to implement it or not. This will bring even more, of at all, to the top of the best devices as far as safety is concerned.

Giving us that extra guarantee for minor oversights with our smartphone. The really strange thing is that Google did not decide to implement it this year, wanting more than ever to have a flagship Android operating system, and it is very difficult for this detail to escape to Google again.

As for the processor:

it is clear that the Google Pixel 2 will include in the new processor of Snapdragon, but also they are trying a variant with processors of Intel and another one with processors developed specifically by Google. It is not ruled out that Google launches the same Google Pixel 2 with different processors as in its day did Samsung with TSMC and Snapdragon.

With respect to the price of this new Google Pixel 2:

if you expect that price decrease is very wrong, expectations in the company warn of a possible price increase of $ 50 compared to the previous terminal. And here comes the surprise, the third terminal, which would be accompanied by its code name as “Pixel 2B “. It would be a supposed case of iPhone 5C, cheapening the materials of the product to try to sell it cheaper.

If this went wrong with the big apple company, we do not know why Google wants to risk so much with this move. Although viewed from a different perspective, the Pixels could reach fully into other markets where the economy is not as buoyant, emerging markets.

If all goes well for Google, this third device we could have available on the same day as the launch of Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL. Do you think Google does well try a move that went wrong with Apple?

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